Friday, February 6, 2009

Amsterdam to Expand FTTH Deployment

Light Reading has published an article that describes its plans to expand its FTTH deployment from 43,000 homes to 100,000 homes. The city sees FTTH as a key service that needs to be provided like power and water. It believes that this network will be important to the development of the city. After this next deployment is complete, the city will consider expanding the network to the remaining 250,000 homes in Amsterdam.

This shows the important role that local governments can take in the deployment of fiber to homes. Amsterdam is insisting on an open network that will give its citizens a choice of service providers. This will provide a better range of services at lower prices than depending on a single service provider.

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Dirk van der Woude said...

Hi Bob, in the deal struck it's the ambition of all partners to roll out an open access home run network to all 400,000 Amsterdam homes. At this moment some 43,000 are passed/connected/acivated, under the the deal another 100,000 will be connected. During that roll out partners will decide on the next phase.